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April 4, 2021

Waste Separation Thematic Training Session Carried Out in AFFCO

In order to enhance the staff’s understanding of Waste separation, to guide all staff establishing a low-carbon life concept, to create an atmosphere for everyone to participate in the environment protection, AFFCO invited training instructor from Fengxian District Environmental Protection Bureau to deliver a knowledge training on Waste separation.

In the training, the trainer gave detailed explanations on trash disposal, the use of trash bags, garbage cans, and the sorting knowledge in daily life, focusing on the 4- colors identification separation way. Simulation game of Waste trash classification was played during the session. During the game session, different Waste were put into the corresponding garbage bins. Then comments were given to the incorrect way of sorting, which helped our staff to have further understanding of the Waste separation benefits and process.

After the training, everyone felt that they have benefited a lot, expressing that they will not only take lead in Waste classification, but also encourage everyone around them to make join efforts to contribute to the eco-system and green life.






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