Project Backgroud

This project will be on a fast-track schedule with a planned start-up in the fourth quarter 2024.It includes the complete installation of seabed mooring systems, flowline between the FSO – a converted shuttle tanker Nordic Brasilia – and the Voyageur Spirit FPSO, along with their associated equipment. Voyageur Spirit FPSO will be redeployed and the Nordic Brasilia shuttle tanker will be converted into an FSO to provide additional storage capacity to the FPSO. Altera will own and operate both vessels.


Scope of Supply

More than 1400 pieces valves with actuators manufactured by AFFCO have been ordered, including floating DBB ball valves , two-piece floating ball valves and two-piece trunnion mounted ball valves,straight globe valve,swing check valve,dual plate check valve,and etc.

DBB ball valves, CL1500, DN20
(Material: ASTM A350,ASTM A182); Two-piece floating ball valves, CL150~CL600, DN15~DN200
(Material: ASTM A105N, ASTM A182, ASTM A216, ASTM A350, ASTM A351, ASTM A352); Two-piece trunnion mounted ball valves, CL150~CL600, DN20~DN300 (Material: ASTM A182, ASTM A216, ASTM A350, ASTM A351, ASTM A352); Swing Check Valve, CL150~CL300, DN15~DN200 (Matetial:ASTM B124 ,ASTM A182 ,ASTM A276,ASTM A216 ,ASTM A105N); Dual plate check valve,CL150, DN150~DN200 (Material:ASTM A216,ASTM A351, ASTM A276 )……

AFFCO was awarded the project for the standard of its design and manufacturing capabilities and its ability to deliver valves within short lead times. We provided high-quality valves with certificated meterials and special paintings to meet the harsh working conditions onsite.

Butterfly Valve


AFFCO Butterfly Valve play a critical role in isolation service across hundreds of installations

Double block and bleed valve

affco Double_Block_and_Bleed_Valve

AFFCO design and manufacture double block an Bleed Valve (DBB) to satisfy project dimensional requirements.

Check Valve


Check Valve in a wide variety of material and specification configurations to suit your application or project

Relevant Products

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Affco’s largest plug valves aid desalination project in Saudi Arabia