Project Backgroud

In order to respond to the requirements of the national thermal power flexibility transformation policy, improve the deep peak shaving capacity of thermal power units during the heating period, and enhance the competitiveness and profitability of thermal power units in the electricity auxiliary service peak shaving market, the zero output heat supply transformation of low pressure cylinders of thermal power plant units (also known as the “transformation of removing steam from low pressure cylinders”) has been carried out successively since 2018. The project is mainly located in thermal power plants with steam extraction heating load in northeast, north and northwest China.
The zero output technical transformation of the low pressure cylinder to improve the flexibility of the heat supply unit. Under the high vacuum operation condition of the low pressure cylinder, a fully sealed hydraulic butterfly valve is used to cut off the steam inlet of the original steam inlet pipe of the low pressure cylinder, and a small amount of cooling steam is introduced through the new bypass pipe to take away the blast heat generated by the rotation of the low pressure rotor after cutting off the steam inlet of the low pressure cylinder.


Scope of Supply

In the following power plants, AFFCO successfully supplied large diameter triple eccentric valve from DN900~DN1400 with hydraulic control system.

Yangliuqing Thermal Power Plant

Dalian Thermal Power Plant

Dandong Thermal Power Plant

Qinhuangdao Thermal Power Plant

Jixi Thermal Power Plant

Dalaihu Power Plant

Wuhai Thermal Power Plant

Yichun Thermal Power Plant

Changchun Thermal Power Plant

Daqing Thermal Power Plant

Xixia Thermal Power Plant

Hailar Thermal Power Plant

Yingkou Thermal Power Plant

Butterfly Valve


AFFCO Butterfly Valve play a critical role in isolation service across hundreds of installations

Damper Valve

Wafer Type Single Blade Adjusting Series 574

AFFCO Damper Valve offers tailor-made solution to EGC& SCR systems, flexibility in design and operation.

Gate Valve

affco Gate_Valve

Gate Valve is the most common valve for water supply systems

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