Project Backgroud

The RAPID project is part of the PIC development undertaken by PETRONAS and is positioned to be a regional downstream oil and petrochemical industrial hub, paving a new frontier of technology and economic development in the Southeast Asia region.
With capacity to refine 300,000 barrels of crude per day, RAPID’s refinery will produce a host of refined petroleum products, including gasoline and diesel which meets Euro 5 fuel specifications; as well as feedstock for its integrated petrochemical complex producing 3.5 million tonnes per annum of products.

Ships have developed from bamboo rafts, canoes, sailing boats, ancient passenger ships and ancient warships to modern oil tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, LNG carrier, Ro-Ro Vessel , semi-submersible engineering ships, cruise ships, jack-up, FPSO , cruiser, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and so on.

affco Oil_Gas_Scope_of_supply

Scope of Supply

During this project, AFFCO successfully supplied batch of butterfly valve, ball, gate, check and control valves, global in diverse pressure ratings, soft and metal seated, in materials such as CS, Stainless Steel.

Eccentric Butterfly Valve CL150 from DN100~DN500 (Material:CF8M & WCB) with Steel pneumatic actuator

Ball Valve CL150&CL300 from DN15~300 (Material: WCB & WCB+PTFE & CF8M) with Steel pneumatic actuator and manual

Check Valve CL150&CL300 from DN15~DN500 (Material: WCB & CF8M)

Globe Valve CL150&CL300 from DN15~DN200 (Material: WCB & CF8M) with Steel pneumatic actuator and manual

Gate Valve CL150&CL300 from DN15~DN500 (Material: WCB & CF8M) with Steel pneumatic actuator and manual.

AFFCO provides solutions to challenging applications and able to supply a varying number of valves certified with API standards (609, 6D,600,602) to suit liquids, gasses, viscous materials and corrosive mediums.

Butterfly Valve


AFFCO Butterfly Valve play a critical role in isolation service across hundreds of installations

Ball Valve

S111 1

Ball Valve always stand in an important position in the piping system.

Check Valve


Check Valve in a wide variety of material and specification configurations to suit your application or project

Relevant Products

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Affco’s largest plug valves aid desalination project in Saudi Arabia