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International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set the maximum allowable content of sulfur in fuel used by ships through MARPOL73/78 ‘International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships’ that entered into force in 2005. All ships operating in SECA (Sulfur Emission Control Area) have been required to use fuel with the sulfur content of 1% or less since July 2010 and to use fuel with the sulfur content of 0.1% or less since 2015. In addition, regulatory requirement of using fuels with the sulfur content of 0.5% or less in all oceans throughout the world is to take effect in 2020.
To meet the requirements on the permitted sulfur levels in ships’ fuels, ships must use fuels with low sulfur content or be equipped with the desulfurization system equivalent to meet IMO, MARPOL 73/78 regulations.


Scope of Supply

AFFCO consistently supplys considerable number of Damper Valves to MSC, Seaspan and other Domestic ship companies through our parnter since 2018 with total ships around 300 sets.Damper Valve DIN 86044 PN0.1 from DN300~3200 (Material: Q355B) equipped with butterfly valve and other system valves.Quality, reliability, and cost efficiency are at the core of every damper valve we deliver.

Butterfly Valve


AFFCO Butterfly Valve play a critical role in isolation service across hundreds of installations

Damper Valve

Flanged Type Single-Blade Shut-off Series 364

AFFCO Damper Valve offers tailor-made solution to EGC& SCR systems, flexibility in design and operation.

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Affco’s largest plug valves aid desalination project in Saudi Arabia