Floating DBB Ball Valve 131

Product Description

• Design Standard: API6D
• Nominal Diameter: DN50-DN100 (2”-4”)
• Top Flange acc: EN ISO 5211
• Flange Connection: ASME B16.5
• Face to Face acc: Manufacturer Standard
• Pressure Rating: Class150, Class300
• Seat Type: Soft Seat & Metal Seat
• Test STD: API6D

Material Scope

AFFCO valve believes high quality valve starts from high quality casting,forging and other raw materials. we have profound experience in compliance with stringent material standards including NORSOK and wide variety blue chip end user specifications covering both metallic and non-metallic materials.
Increasingly, serve upstream operation conditions demanding not only primary components, but also accessories like bolting, bearing ,O-ring, packing and actuation components. AFFCO valve can cater the needs of any project specifications together with our vast network of material supply chain.

Full material range

Carbon steels

Stainless Steel

Duplex/Super Duplex

Ni-Al Brz

Casting and forging grades

According to your project specifications

Non-destructive testing




UT testing/Radiography

X ray /gamma ray

High specification sub-componets


Brass/Bronze/Stainless material for bearing

Fugitive emission material packing for option

NBR/EPDM/VITON/Lipseal for sealing

Material standards

ASTM/EN/DIN/JIS/GB standard material for project requirement


Accuracy is ensured by high precision CNC machine and measured by CMM

Surface roughness

Surface roughness can reach Ra0.2

Design Feature

AFFCO valve, double block and bleed valve is a diverse product grouping,widely used in process lines or process to instrument interfaces for double isolation applications. The same design features that ensure reliability and long life in our floating and trunnion mounted ball valves are incorporated into our twin ball double block and bleed valve. AFFCO Valve offers a full range of configuration and material options to meet your application requirements.

Top Flange

According ISO 5211


Stem blowout proof design

With anti-static device

Centric one piece shaft system, 90 degree tight shut off

Available in several materials

Valve Body

Available in several materials


Only for trunnion mounted type


Two ball with each 90 degree open and close in design

Available in several materials

Grease injector

Only for trunnion mounted ball valve seat and stem part

Available in SS materials


Self relief valve soft seat

Fire-proof design

Suitable for many conditions excpet high temperture

Suitable sealing size, longer servise life

Available in several materials

Lip seal design available


CL 150

DN D L H1 H2
50*40 152 281 76 110
80*50 190 300 95 130
100*80 229 350 115 150

CL 300

DN D L H1 H2
50*40 165 297 85 115
80*50 210 320 105 135
100*80 254 373 130 155


Affco’s largest plug valves aid desalination project in Saudi Arabia


Hundreds of Ball Valves for the FPSO Customer in the Middle East