April 5, 2021

Congratulation to AFFCO for Passing Total Quality Management System Recertification Audit

To further enhance our total quality management system through process reengineering, effective risk management, improving ROI, and to form a standardized management model, AFFCO introduced the ISO9001 quality management system and gained certificate after successfully passing the verification from China Quality Certification Center.

Having deployed the quality management system for years, AFFCO staff are now actively involving in continuing product standardization, senses of responsibility, total quality improvement projects and so on. The  mechanism of management system is significantly improved in terms of human resource management, operation management, administration management, total quality management as well as local regulation and industrial requirement compliance. This laid concrete foundation for further business circumstances improvement in the long run.

From March 20th to March 22nd, two experts from Shanghai Evaluation Center conducted a 3-day renewal audit on the operation of quality management system, confirming the system operation is in order, the control system is in place and functioning well, and AFFCO passing the review successfully.

We strongly believe that company will benefit from continuously improving the quality management system,uplifting the company presence in the global marketplace.