April 11, 2021

AFFCO Business Soars In 2019

In the first half of year 2019, AFFCO business grows rapidly that beats the average 3.02% annual compound growth rate of the domestic valve industry in the next five years in China estimated by the Qianzhan Industries Research Institute, also outruns the global purchasing-managers index which hits it’s consecutive 7 years lowest level in May.

Strong growth comes directly from the PO increase. The damper valve, as a part of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning System or scrubber  for SOx limitation compliance solution, keeps playing a role of the biggest contributor in terms of sales values. According to public data from class society DNV GL, there are 3229 ships with installed scrubbers or ongoing installations. AFFCO has successfully participated into this global project to share the market growth and we will continuously invest all the efforts.


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