April 4, 2021


To cultivate our spirits of happiness, professionalism, promise, efficiency and team-work, AFFCO organized a team-building weekend tour to two scenic spots, Anji and Changxing nearby Shanghai, China, during June 15 and 16.

The first scenic stop was Dragon Waterfall, locating among Mountains top  stretching out to the sky and converging the river to explore the earth.

Although the temperature was high with sunshine on heads, cooling breeze in the mountain comforted everyone’s skin and heart.

Rambling in the bamboo forest to have a deep breath, feeling the lights and temperature, the silence in mountain drew people far from busy daily routines.

Reaching the peak of the mountain to have an overlook, the broaden view brought joys and happiness.

The second scenic stop was in Changxing, where we traveled in a boat .

The sparkling ripples, the flying egrets, the silently boomed lotus, the refreshing breeze…being part of the picturesque landscape was the best we would desire for the day.

Picking up the camera to record the moments and the day, the trip was a happy ending with laughs and smiles.

Thanks to the culture building efforts and cares from the company, this activity draws us closer to have more communications simultaneously when enjoying gasping natural wonders, and sharing travel happiness. We are to devote ourselves to work after this vitality recovery.




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